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- - By Jack-Ireland (**) [ie] Date 2007-09-15 03:52
Hi All,

I have a question which may sound elementary, but I can't figure it out anyway.
I have Hiarcs 10 as well as the latest Rybka version and I am using the Hiarcs interface to put Rybka to work. This works fine, no problem. As you might know, Hiarcs came with a database of 1 million or so games (I guess it is the Fritz database). I do not know how to add games to this database. Suppose I download PGN games and I copy them into a Word document. How can I import them into my database? I would, of course, also like to take a look at the Rybka database, but I never figured out how to do so. I would really appreciate any help given.
Thanks and best regards,

Parent - - By Permanent Brain (*****) Date 2007-09-15 04:34 Edited 2007-09-15 04:45
It is possible that your database is write protected. I assume that you have installed it to harddisk or copied it to harddisk. Check with the windows explorer, if the files aren't write protected (it consists of several files, same name but different extensions).

Do NOT use Word for PGN files, or at least if you do, make sure that you save pure ASCII text only, and with the file extension .PGN to ensure the correct format. But under most circumstances, you won't need a text program for the PGN except you want to edit something manually. In rare cases when I do that, I use an ASCII text editor similar to notepad.

A normal procedure to append downloaded PGN games to a database, would be:

1. Download the file and save it to your preferred folder for PGN downloads.
   1a. Unzip/unpack the file if required, to get a PGN file like "championship.pgn" for example
2. In Hiarcs, press the F12 function key (or select File/Open/Database from the menu)
   2a. Ensure that the database you want to append the new games to, is openend.
3. Select Edit/Append Games... from the menu of the database screen --> file selector appears
4. find your downloaded PGN file and select it --> click open --> done! :-)
   4a. It is possible that you need to adjust the file format selector to include *.PGN

Alternatively, you can open the PGN file in Hiarcs first - which is recommendable to check if it is ok, complete etc. - and then select all (CTRL-A), copy (CTRL-C), switch to your big database and paste with CTRL-V.

The procedures are basically the same with CB* file formats, too.

For single games from web pages, you can also try normal copy&paste, to put it into Hiarcs' main screen directly. It should work with PGN including the header infos, but also with many simple notations if you copy the moves only. If you want to copy from Hiarcs too, check Tools/Options/Clipboard for the data format configuration.
Parent - By Jack-Ireland (**) [ie] Date 2007-09-16 18:05
Hi Mike,

Thank you very much. I will give it a try later on.

Best regards,

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